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PPLA continues working for you on Paw Paw Lake ...

The Paw Paw Lake Association (PPLA) meeting on July 10, 2021, centered around how to provide input into the programs and spending of the 
Special Assessment District (SAPAC).  The PPLA board is suggesting that homeowner special assessment taxes be spent on projects that best improve environmental conditions of the lake.  PPLA has decided to:

1.  Interview several consultants that have experience in solving environmental problems similar to Paw Paw Lake's.  The objective is to gather information that can be used to develop a long term lake improvement program aimed at improving the lake's recreational consideration and action plans.

2.  Initiate discussion with Watervliet and Coloma townships aimed at establishing a direct communication line for providing input into SAPAC decisions.


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News from Special Assessment Project Advisory Committee...

Weed and water quality issues continue to be a primary concern.  The milfoil treatment was successful.  SAPAC continues to work on drain issues with the Spicer Group.  The floodplain reclamation project scheduled to start late summer will catch additional sediment flowing through the Branch and Derby drains. SAPAC will continue to release informational videos every month.  A new informational brochure was developed for VRBP/Air B&B guests.

News from Paw Paw Lake Foundation...

PPLF has started a pilot project to clean storm sewers to eliminate nutrients from flowing into the lake.  We will get a bid specification and receive quotes for qualified sewer and catch basin cleaners using a vector truck.  We estimate 100-150 catch basins should be able to be cleaned.  We will work with the Drain Commissioner's office to clean the catch basins under their jurisdiction at the same time.  An additional 30-50 catch basins should be able to be cleaned and paid for by the Drains Commission.  Future cleaning will be determined at the conclusion of pilot project.

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