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The Mission of the Paw Paw Lake Association

Paw Paw Lake Association is an organization comprised of all lake riparian property owners. The association works to protect and improve Paw Paw Lake and serve all riparian owners. It provides a forum for members to address issues of concern and determine appropriate actions to address them.

Among the goals of the association are:

  • Maintain and enhance the welfare and safety of the lake.

  • Support preservation and improvement of the quality of the lake and to its' watershed.

  • Ensure the rights of all lake riparian owners are respected and protected.

  • Encourage all riparian owners to be good neighbors and good members of the general community.

  • Advocate local government to assure that riparian owners” voices are heard and considered.

  • Build between riparian owners and local government and the greater community.

  • Educate members on lake safety, lake protection, property protection community and government issues and other matters of importance to members.

  • Contribute positively to protecting and enhancing property values of all riparian owners.  

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